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A sketched outline of a small branch with leaves.

What is a clothing swap?

A clothing swap is a magical event where you gather people together and bring all the clothes/accessories that you no longer wear or would have donated.

Everyone has a chance to trade items with one another, simultaneously updating their wardrobe and giving their old items a chance at a second life!

Here are some photos from our previous swaps:

Clothes Swap Flower_edited.png
Two women wearing masks stand between two racks of clothing. The woman on the right holds up a green dress with pink flowers, and the other woman points at it.
Two blonde women stand with their arms around each other in a field in front of racks of clothing.
A girl in a purple sweater and sunglasses holds up a gray sweater, red shirt, and red and white striped shirt.


“Great Communication! Dedicated seller who rushed immediately to mail these to ensure I received them before my planned event. Lovely item and discounted price. Highly Recommend Bear Buns Closet!”

“I cannot even tell you how wonderful today’s stylin’ with you was. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME, TALENT, AND FRIENDSHIP!”

A sketched outline of a 6-petal flower with branches of leaves extending to the left and right.

“Thank you so much! I really appreciate the speedy mailing. You are awesome!!! And I am going to feel awesome in these boots next weekend at a music festival. Thanks for keeping an old lady cool.”


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