About Bear Buns Closet

Bear Buns Closet the passion project of Gigi, our founder and head fashion-queen-in-charge. Bear Buns Closet serves as a sustainable fashion community and shop based out of the Twin Cities.  

A blonde woman stands in front of a garden with ivy and pink flowers. She has on red lipstick, a black choker, and sunflower-patterned overalls. She holds a real sunflower in her hand.

What We Do

1. Run an online store for secondhand fashion

2. Provide shopping, styling, and event coordination services

3. Host clothes-swapping events in the Twin Cities

4. Offer educational Information on how to resell clothing and host clothing swaps

5. Collect clothes donations in the Twin Cities

Our Name

Our founder, Gigi, often wears her hair in two cute lil’ top knots, as seen here and in the company logo. Her husband said the buns looked like she had little bear ears and thus suggested the name “Bear Buns Closet.”

At first, Gigi thought he was saying “Bare Buns Closet!” But once she understood, she loved the double entendre, and Bear Buns Closet was born!

A blonde woman with her hair in two top buns sits on top of a mountain overlooking a mountainous landscape and valley. She wears black sunglasses and a black sports bra.
A blonde woman stands leaning against a pale turquoise window. She wears a floppy brown hat, red lipstick, gold chandelier earrings, a black choker, and a white top with black writing on it, written in reverse. She holds a black and white clutch purse.

Gigi is the proud founder/owner of Bear Buns Closet and is excited to serve as your local stylist, clothes reseller, and clothes-swap host.  She thrives when she's helping people connect and feel their best, and is known to wear many hats, among them: 


1. Fashion lover

2. Musician

3. Plant Queen

4. Dedicated Wife and Mama

5. Connection-Builder

6. Everyone’s Biggest Hype Girl!

You can learn all about her personal journey to starting Bear Buns Closet on the blog

Our Founder